Mogouyan is located in the heart of Lanzhou City, the birthplace of Chinese hand-pulled noodles. Dating back to the Qing Dynasty, Lanzhou hand-pulled noodles became a delicious food staple in China. With more than 40 years of history in the noodle business, Mogouyan has now opened several restaurants spreading the love of traditional Chinese noodles worldwide. In June 2019, the first overseas restaurant of Mogouyan officially opened in Toronto, where chefs showcase their mastered skills of hand-pulling on site.

The Unique Craft of Mogouyan Noodles

Mogouyan Hand-Pulled Noodles is one of the most well-known beef noodle brands in China. Our uniqueness lies in our rich flavourful broth. It is made by boiling beef and various natural ingredients for hours to perfection.
Each slurp of noodles is saturated with rich broth, highlighted by a springy texture given by only the most skilled hands of a noodle craftsman. At Mogouyan, you can choose from a handful of different sizes and shapes, including classic, thin-round, thin-flat, and flat.
With our traditional craft and passion for great taste, we are committed to bringing the most authentic Lanzhou-style cuisine to the Canadian community.


Our Signature Classic Beef Noodle Soup offers a flavourful broth made from beef and chicken, with braised beef slices and chilli oil. For the best taste experience, pair it with a house-crafted cocktail!

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Rich & Aromatic Broth

The broth of Mogouyan’s hand-pulled noodles is a faithful replica of the luscious, limpid soup made by simmering beef and bones together for hours on end. We adhere to the traditional recipe to produce the perfect authentic sip that will transport you to the distant land of Northwest China.

Pulled with Pride

Our noodles are hand-pulled on site to ensure the freshness and tastiness that remain consistent over numerous bowls.

Slurp with Fresh

Each slurp is loaded with fresh ingredients and rich sensations. The stretchy noodles, saturated with soup, almost dissolve on contact with the tongue.


a taste of legend that drifts down the River


An itinerant peddler brought to the city of Lanzhou a specialized noddle sold from a cart.



A descendant of the peddler, Ma Baozi, began to serve the noodles in a clear, stock-rich broth made from beef and bones. The flavours proved to be a great success as Lanzhou Noodles became established and standardized.


40 years ago, we opened the first restaurant in Mogouyan, a district of Lanzhou on the bank of the Yellow River. The freshness of noodles hand-pulled onsite, the richness of soup boiled on same day, and the thinly sliced beef quickly attracted a crowed up and down the River. On a busy day, we broke the record of serving 5000 bowls to a crowd of 3000 people who lined up to get a taste.


Lanzhou Hand-pulled Noodles earned undeniable popularity on a national scale as “the No. 1 noodle of China”.


Today, we open a new chapter across the ocean in Canada by making “the King of Lanzhou Hand-pulled Noodles” a beloved noodle spot for Toronto! At Mogouyan, we pride ourselves in serving the most authentic taste of Lanzhou that will take you back.